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Today, with over 600 high-quality chemical products, PETROFER is renowned as one of the world’s leading companies for industrial lubricants, specialized fluids and process technologies, with locations in 42 countries throughout the world.

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H. R. Fischer GmbH + Co. KG
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31106 Hildesheim

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PETROFER's quality products for heat treatment technology

Release Agents

Complete portfolio for the die-casting and forging industry

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

High-performance hydraulic fluids


Water miscible fluids and neat oils

Metal Forming Lubricants

Specially developed for highest forming performance

Industrial Lubricants

General and speciality products designed for your application

Corrosion Inhibitors

Proven in all industries as well as in shipping, aviation and aerospace

Industrial Cleaners

Special and system cleaners for various materials and systems

Paper Chemicals

Sophisticated, intelligent process chemicals

Service Products

Maintenance products, additives and miscellaneous accessoires

Heat Treatment

Desired quenching effects through tailormade quenchants


Fire resistant fluids for the transmission of high pressures

Paper Production and Processing

Advanced process chemicals

High Pressure Die-Casting

High performance release agents for Al-; Mg-; Zn- and Cu die-casting

Forging Technology

Production of forged parts for extreme mechanical requirements


Metal cutting technology for accuracy and perfect surfaces


Machining of precision parts using high performance oils and emulsions


Dirt and oil free surfaces to ensure continuous process flow

Corrosion Protection

Short and long term preservation for various metals and alloys

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