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PETROFER bee project – introduction of a new bee colony

PETROFER places great importance on nature conservation and sustainability. As a result, we are actively involved in nature and environmental initiatives to protect bee species to ensure that we can continue enjoying nature’s treasures in the future. We are taking environmental and social responsibility and are investing in our own bee colonies at the site in Germany. A key focus is on making sure that the bee colonies are looked after in a manner that reflects their natural environment as closely as possible in an effort to support the propagation of non-commercial bee colonies.

This year, another natural swarm was “introduced” to a bee box on the premises in Hildesheim in the spring. A team of hard-working PETROFER employees set up the project with a great deal of commitment and know-how. They ensured that the natural swarm felt comfortable in their new home.

The procedure is extremely bee-friendly. Ensuring that this was the case requires precise preparation, timing and keeping an eye on the weather forecasts. After all, it can take some time for a swarm to be introduced to their new environment. “Introduction” means that the bees are not handled as they would usually be and simply “shaken” into the box. The swarm is moved to an arrival ramp in front of the hive and given the chance to orient itself towards the entrance hole.