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PETROFER Germany – New sustainability initiatives

Connected to today, committed to tomorrow

As a leader in industrial lubricants, specialised fluids and process technologies, PETROFER is committed to sustainability and has joined several sustainability initiatives.


In 2021, PETROFER Germany became an active member of the “UN Global Compact” as part of the integration of a sustainability management system and is committed to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact as well as the 17 goals for sustainable development as mandated by the United Nations.

We have calculated our carbon footprint for the headquarters in Hildesheim. PETROFER’s production has been climate-neutral since 2021. This is based on the procurement of green electricity and green gas in Germany. In 2022, offset projects compensate the unavoidable carbon emissions generated by a typical production plant.

We are also a member of the VSI NaSch sustainability initiative for developing a non-competitive and uniform industry standard for calculating greenhouse gases of lubricants and chemical products. In doing so, we actively support the foundation of a European Society for the standardised calculation and documentation of greenhouse gas values.