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PETROFER Bees Project – First Honey Harvest

PETROFER is involved in projects for the protection of bees, nature and the environment and is committed to keeping bee colonies in a species-appropriate, natural way. For this reason, the PETROFER Bee Project has been in place since 2017. By investing in natural and species-appropriate keeping of bees, PETROFER makes an important contribution to direct environmental protection and helps to secure the ecological balance.

The bees have been busy building up honey stocks. We are proud to report that this year the first PETROFER honey harvest was carried out by our dedicated and experienced employees.

What is the next step?

Some honey stores, i.e. the combs, now had to be removed from the back of the bee box to make room there. Space is needed to be able to carry out treatments against varroa mites as well as to be able to offer winter feeding if necessary. Overall, our colony makes a good and strong impression, this can be seen from many full combs and the increased number of bees. Now we are heading towards autumn and winter, the colony will continuously decrease in size. The colony will be fed to the required winter weight and thus the so-called bee year comes to an end.

In the future, we plan to increase the number of colonies by 1 to 2 for the next year