Cars, trucks, vans, buses and two wheelers are just some of the vehicles we help make.

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Cars, trucks, vans, buses and two wheelers are just some of the vehicles we help make.

The Automotive sector is vital to us all, it moves people, goods, animals, and provides mobility to security forces and emergency services just to mention a few. Without the Automotive industry the world would not be as well developed as now. Through all the supply chain and types of Automotive manufacture PETROFER has been extensively involved, globally, for decades. Whatever the vehicle and type of propulsion; trucks, cars, vans, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and other two wheelers we can provide all the process fluids required along the production chain. As the sector moves from traditional petrol and diesel fuel to E-Mobility and other power units we have developed a product range that meets all the new technologies and materials in the production process. helping keep transport moving the worlds people and goods into a safer cleaner future, with a reduced environmental footprint.


  • We as a formulator and producer of a large range of industrial fluids can supply all the techniques seen in architectural products production. We can die-forging, die-casting, forming, machining, cleaning, and rust prevention such that we have products whatever the component being made or the equipment needs to maintain production.
  • The architectural component industry in many cases supplies large volumes of products such as door handles such that a reliable, consistent, and low maintenance production process is needed to reduce final component price, PETROFER has the knowledge and product technology to optimise all the processes.
  • Through all the production steps such as machining and subsequent painting or anodising an understanding of the effects of the fluids chemistry on following processes is critical. We have experience of the industry to optimise the fluid technology and increase productivity safely and efficiently while reducing energy and environmental impact.


The challenges this industry demands from us: cost effective, low maintenance fluids so customers can offer commercially attractive finished goods.

Our customers in Architectural Components require above all: 

  • Improved cosmetic and surface quality 
  • Efficiency of production with low maintenance 
  • Understanding of the process steps and their effect on each other 
  • Absolute process stability 
  • Clean bright decorative finishes, particularly when left as cast  
  • Long tool life 
  • A supplier that offers products across all the process steps 
  • Fine-tuning to subsequent processes 

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in reducing the finished component cost while improving the end user acceptance of the finished item


A maker of die-cast garden furniture had problems of poor surface quality, porosity and reduced strength where parts fastened together, along with an unappealing cosmetic finish. We assisted in optimising the diecasting and machining processes with our Die-Lubric and Emulcut brands so that porosity was reduced, surface finishes improved and structural strength was increased. Visually the goods had more appeal to the customers so increased sales.