Cars, trucks, vans, buses and two wheelers are just some of the vehicles we help make.

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Cars, trucks, vans, buses and two wheelers are just some of the vehicles we help make.

The Automotive sector is vital to us all, it moves people, goods, animals, and provides mobility to security forces and emergency services just to mention a few. Without the Automotive industry the world would not be as well developed as now. Through all the supply chain and types of Automotive manufacture PETROFER has been extensively involved, globally, for decades. Whatever the vehicle and type of propulsion; trucks, cars, vans, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and other two wheelers we can provide all the process fluids required along the production chain. As the sector moves from traditional petrol and diesel fuel to E-Mobility and other power units we have developed a product range that meets all the new technologies and materials in the production process. helping keep transport moving the worlds people and goods into a safer cleaner future, with a reduced environmental footprint.


  • We are one of only a few companies that can offer the full range of process fluids to meet all the component manufacturing requirements. From forging, casting, pressing through machining, cleaning, heat treatment, rust prevention and many other process we have a synergistic range of products to optimise the production process.
  • The Automotive sector is changing rapidly to meet the demands of environmental improvement. As it moves from the use of Diesel and petrol to electric, hybrid and other propulsion methods we have developed our fluid technology to meet these demands. New materials, alloys, machining techniques and reduced cycle times are elements we can help with.  
  • Component cleanliness and surface finish is critical, particularly for the new generation of silent electric propulsion. PETROFER fully understands the synergy required between process steps and fluids in use, and can offer cleaners and cutting fluids of many types as required by the customers process to optimise the production line and quality.


The challenges this industry demands from us: increased component quality, perfect surface finishes and reduced process environmental impact.

Our customers in Automotive sectors require above all: 

  • Improved surface finish and quality 
  • Efficient production lines with reduced downtime 
  • Optimised production and meeting sustainability goals  
  • Absolute process stability 
  • Fluids that complement each other along the process line 
  • Long tool life 
  • A supplier that can offer fluids for the whole production line 
  • The same products, quality and service in all their plants  

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in meeting the new E-Mobility world with products that are effective with the challenging materials, processes, components, and environmental demands.


A global vehicle component maker required help in achieving the die cast quality needed by their customer. The parts must be light weight, structurally strong, defect free and have a good visual appearance.
By using the PETROFER Die-Lube micro spray technology they achieved all the structural requirements and specifications demanded. Other improvements took place using cutting fluids from the Emulcut range and cleaners from the Feroclean series.