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Whatever the machinery, used in the fields, construction sites etc we are involved in the making of it.

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Whatever the machinery, used in the fields, construction sites etc we are involved in the making of it.

What would our lives be like if we could not plough the fields, harvest food efficiently, build bridges and sky scrapers or even dig tunnels for underground subways? All these actions required by society require an extensive supply of quality agricultural and construction equipment. PETROFER has supplied these industries worldwide for many years, be it making tractors, fork lift trucks, cranes, diggers, dump trucks, combined harvesters, the list is huge, but we can offer products in many areas of the machinery production.


  • We can offer lubricants and formulated chemical products to efficiently aid production of all the component parts in the equipment: engines, drive trains, hydraulics, pressings, forgings, cab -fittings etc across all the process techniques.
  • We are one of only a few global suppliers that has the complete chemical and lubricant product portfolio to support all the processes in making construction and agricultural machinery through the complex component production steps while understanding the fluid synergy needed to optimise the production line.
  • Construction and Agricultural Machinery has to work in demanding environments and reliability is critical. We can help makers of the machinery improve their component quality, while reducing process maintenance and down time, such that parts are produced efficiently and at consistently high quality standards.


The challenges this industry demands from us: consistent quality globally, helping raise reliability standards while reducing production downtime.

Our customers in Construction and Agricultural Machinery require above all: 

  • Improved component quality and reliability 
  • Efficient production processes 
  • Assisting in their sustainable manufacturing goals 
  • Absolute process stability 
  • High quality Technical support across all their global plants 
  • Long tool life 
  • A supplier that can support all the production steps  
  • Confidence the fluid supplier can work with larger complex parts  

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in improving production quality, efficiency and output while assisting in their sustainable manufacturing goals. 


A leading off road equipment maker had problems achieving the correct hardness of transmission gears used in the 4 wheel drive system. This resulted in a reduced service life and maintenance issues to the final user. We recommended washing with one of our Feroclean series cleaners prior to hardening with a polymer quenchant from our Aquatensid range. This produced defect free, long life, wear resistant gears and improved product reliability.