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PPETROFER offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for high pressure die casting of aluminium, magnesium, zinc components, other molten metals and also formulations suitable for many gravity, low pressure and other specialised casting operations. Additionally, in many countries PETROFER has an extensive range of products used in the forging processes. We also provide a regular inspection service for the fluids used in your process and equipment, helping you to keep your manufacturing processes running smoothly, while optimising the service life of the machine fluids, Pressure Die Casting machines, equipment and high pressure hydraulic components.

cost saving, technically advanced and efficient


Whether aluminium, magnesium, zinc or other metals are being die cast PETROFER’s experience ensures that your parts, whatever the alloy, meet the quality requirements of your customers specification, with a pore free structure, dimensional stability and high surface quality. We also have solutions for casting brass and copper alloys that can improve your competitive capabilities.  In any casting manufacture application you want the molten metal not to stick or solder into the die, this is true for all metals, not only aluminium, magnesium and zinc. We provide the release agent as a barrier in these high pressure and other specialised applications.

Due to our diversity, we are also able to assist you with: Heat Treatment, surface treatments prior to powder coating or painting, the challenge of clean parts and CNC machining.



TThe DIE-LUBRIC range includes water dilutable and water free release agents for use with different alloys like aluminium, magnesium, zinc, brass, copper and specialised die casting processes. Our wax containing and wax free products, as well as our concentrates especially designed to challenge bacterially and fungally infected systems, are also used in central supply systems. Special products for innovative spray methods and surface finishes complete the portfolio. From our understanding of Aluminium Die Casting and other alloy casting we are specialised for a wide range of molten metals. We are also innovators and have new technology formulations to meet the developing world of low weight, complex structural castings known as “light weighting technology” for the new E-mobility markets. PETROFER release agents also ensure lubrication of ejectors, sliding cores and spray equipment while helping to make the working environment cleaner and safer.


Our PISTON- LUBRICANT and PISTON-POWDER product ranges for die casting include both graphite containing and graphite free plunger lubricants, all designed to achieve outstanding lubrication results of the shot sleeve, and meet all of the requirements of high quality, economical high pressure die casting processes for injection and casting of different alloys. Ester based lubricants are available to meet new light weighting high pressure die casting technology and its plunger demands of new application techniques, while reducing microporosity.


Our DIE-FORGENT product range is comprised of water dilutable and water free lubricants for open and closed die-forging, extrusion and hot pressing of metals of many different alloys, complexities and sizes. Our graphite containing and graphite free products satisfy the most stringent quality standards, helping to extend the service life of your dies, machines and tooling, while improving metal flow to fill the mould cavity, surface finish, high integrity component geometry and reliability of the process.


Heat transfer fluids for moulds, dies and plunger sleeves are used in die casting and other industries as diverse as metal forming to food processing. They are used to regulate the temperatures in the tools, and machinery and can be to both cool or heat up machinery and components. In die casting they are especially required for thermally stabilising the mould cavity. PETROFER Heat Transfer products used in heating and cooling equipment and other heat transfer systems offer outstanding resistance to ageing, reduced sludge formation, long service life, economical process costs and are offered as synthetic or mineral oil based options.


The water dilutable and water free DIE-LUBRIC die-face lubricants are used for aluminium, magnesium and zinc high pressure die-casting. Due to the versatility of the chemistry they are suitable for conventional spray, short spray, micro spray or electrostatic spray. This is a growing area for the casting of new generation light-weight automotive structural parts.


Customer Focused

High flexibility & rapid response

The latest technology

Application support & customer service

Long-term partnership


Reduction of total cost of ownership

  • improving the cycle time of your machine
  • reducing machine setup time through versatile chemistry of the process fluids
  • reduced component defects and improved die life

Higher process efficiency and reliability

  • consulting, training and assistance by highly qualified application engineersconsulting, training and assistance by highly qualified die casting application engineers
  • information transfer with our R & D department
  • innovative, high quality products from technically selected raw materials

Improvement of the environmental balance

  • lreduced energy consumption
  • reduction in process media, effluent and water consumption
  • safer working environment for operators and staff



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