PETROFER offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for die-casting and forging processes. We also provide a regular inspection service for the fluids used in your equipment, helping you to keep your production processes running smoothly, while optimising the service life of the fluids and hydraulic components.


The DIE-LUBRIC range includes water dilutable and water free release agents for use in aluminium, magnesium, zinc and specialised die-casting processes. Our wax containing and wax free products, as well as our concentrates developed especially for microbially endangered systems, are also used in central supply systems. Special products for innovative spray methods complete the portfolio.


Our PISTON-LUBRICANT and PISTON-POWDER product ranges include both graphite containing and graphite free piston lubricants, all designed to achieve outstanding lubrication results and meet all of the requirements of high quality, economical die-casting processes. Ester based lubricants are available to meet new light weighting HPDC technology and its plunger demands while reducing microporosity.


Our DIE-FORGENT product range is comprised of water dilutable and water free lubricants for die-forging, extrusion and hot pressing. Our graphite containing and graphite free products satisfy the most stringent quality standards, helping to extend the service life of your dies and tooling.


Heat transfer fluids for dies, heating and cooling equipment and other heat transfer systems with outstanding resistance to ageing; synthetic or mineral oil based options are available.