Industrial Cleaners

For cleaning of component surfaces, PETROFER offers a broad range of industrial cleaners. Developed using the latest findings from research and technology, while taking into account ecology and occupational safety, these products satisfy the requirements of all modern cleaning applications. PETROFER cleaners ensure long service life with low maintenance. PETROFER offers tailored cleaners, whether as individual products or as custom designed system solutions for manufacturing processes.


Neutral cleaners are used both for inter-stage and final cleaning of metal surfaces. PETROFER’s neutral cleaners are excellent demulsifiers, formulated to enable easy separation of the oils removed during cleaning. They are available to meet various temperature and application demands.


Alkaline cleaners are used when high cleanliness of the metal surface is essential. For example: in preparation for galvanizing or painting. Highly alkaline cleaners are recommended for use in multiple-zone units as they help prevent salt residues from drying onto work pieces.


PETROFER offers a range of cold cleaners based on hydrocarbons as alternatives to halogen-hydrocarbon based products. These fluids are odourless and contain no chlorine, fluorine or aromatic compounds. Hydrocarbon cleaners are only suitable for degreasing operations. The flammability, boiling point and flash point of these products should be taken into consideration when specifying them.


In addition to our standard product range, PETROFER offers a number of special cleaners. These can be available either separately or as part of a customised cleaning system for an entire production process. Feroclean N-SF, for instance, is designed to work with our quenching oils. Also many of our alkaline and neutral cleaners are available in cold application variants.



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