Industrial Lubricants

Production processes are highly individual, so we meet the needs of the industry with specially formulated modern lubricants. Especially in hydraulics, gearboxes, spindles or bed rail lubrication, the PETROFER products offer precise solutions for individual requirements.


The high performance oils of the ISOLUBRIC series are mainly used for power transmission in hydraulic systems. They have excellent wear prevention properties as well as very good ageing resistance and provide excellent corrosion prevention.


The WAYLUBRIC series is based on high quality base oils with special additives to avoid the so called stick-slip. High pressure absorption capability, good oxidation resistance and outstanding corrosion prevention characterise these bed type lubricants, thereby enabling them to be used in a wide range of applications.


Oils of the SPEEDLUBRIC range consist of low viscosity special raffinates with very good ageing behaviour. SPEEDLUBRIC can be used for the lubrication of high speed spindles.


Gear oils of the GEARLUBRIC range are made from high quality raffinates. They contain Extreme-Pressure additives, which can absorb an extreme degree of flank pressure and drive torque. These transmission oils also have high oxidation stability. Corrosion prevention and good viscosity/temperature behaviour round off the level of this gear oil series.