Rust Preventives

Our rust preventives are highly effective in all industrial processes, and particularly for protecting finish machined, high value components. The product range comprises oils, water dilutable products, dewatering fluids, wax containing fluids and special formulations. Many products are barium or VOC free and so are an environmentally preferable solution.


Rust preventive oils are used for intermediate storage of dry work pieces during and after production. Besides a rapid application speed and a reliable corrosion prevention they offer further advantages: barium free, VOC free (2010/75/EU), and easily removed with our FEROCLEAN product series.


Solvent based rust preventives form thin rust preventative films, with the consistency depending on the inhibitor type. Due to the evaporating solvent, the film normally appears much drier than with rust preventive oils. The evaporation speed correlates with the solvent flash point. Further advantages are: reliable rust prevention, fast drying, easily removed with our FEROCLEAN product series.


Dewatering fluids offer a reliable rust prevention that is built following the evaporation of the solvent. Protection films are available in both an oily and a slightly waxy type. The different solvent carrier flash points offer the possibility to select the dewatering fluid to suit the working environment. Dewatering fluids can be successfully used on emulsion or polymer wetted components and work pieces.


Due to their water content, water dilutable rust preventive concentrates offer advantages compared to mineral oil and solvent based rust preventatives in the field of operational safety, especially fire prevention.


Water soluble rust preventive additives are added to cleaning baths or coolant emulsions to achieve an improved corrosion prevention. Some products may be used in stand alone processes, for example in cooling water systems.



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