For more than 70 years we have been researching and producing cutting fluids; to improve tool life, cutting efficiency, surface finish, rust prevention and fluid life. Our developments have created a safer working environment for users; reducing bacterial attack, skin sensitivity, smoke and fumes. Our coolants are classified into water dilutable and neat cutting oils, and there are high technology products for every machining application and material.


Emulsifiable metalworking fluids: Long term stable, emulsifiable, multi-purpose metalworking fluids with excellent anti-corrosion properties and high performance. Depending on product selection, suitable for general machining, grinding and heavy duty operations. Specifically tailored metalworking fluids for aluminium or highly alloyed metals machining are available, with high ester contents to achieve outstanding surface qualities.

Water dilutable metalworking fluids: These include long term stable, mineral oil free, water soluble multi-purpose metalworking fluids for general machining operations, on ferrous and partially nonferrous metals. Many products in the range, due to the advanced technology, have excellent wetting and rinsing properties and are suitable for most grinding processes, and in many cases versatile for all machining operations. There are also high technology products for all the metals and speciality manufacturing techniques in our portfolio.


Honing and grinding oils: Due to the combination of low viscosity base oils and selected high performance additives, PETROFER’s honing and grinding oils achieve excellent wetting and rinsing properties, as well as outstanding cooling performance. Honing and grinding tools stay clean and retain their cutting efficiency, resulting in excellent surface quality of the workpieces. Highest requirements in honing, superfinishing and grinding processes can be fulfilled.

Multifunctional oils and neat cutting oils for general machining: Multi-functional oils are particularly suitable cutting oils for auto-lathe and general machining, but can also be used as lubricating and hydraulic oils. Due to this, the product series is highly recommended in applications where a contamination of the cutting oil by hydraulic oil cannot be avoided. Our portfolio of neat cutting oils for general machining contains products with a high or extremely high additive level, resulting in excellent performance in turning, milling, drilling and other metalworking operations.

Deep hole drilling oils/broaching oils: These are products for highest requirements in deep hole drilling and broaching. Due to an extremely high additive level and high quality base oils, optimum tool life and outstanding surface qualities are achieved.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication: Mineral oil free, non-water dilutable metalworking fluids, especially developed for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) at highest performance requirements. Suitable for all commonly used spraying equipment.

Lapping fluids: Proven performance in hypoid bevel gear lapping. Stable slurries are achieved due to a specifically selected base fluid, and no sedimentation of the lapping grit occurs due to the thixotropic properties of the formulation. Because of the emulsifiers incorporated in the chemistry our products can be washed off easily with water.