Paper Chemicals

The PETROFER PAPER product line not only offers products for tissue and towel, but also provides innovative solutions for the paper, packaging, converting and board industries. Our products are tailor-made solutions with approvals including BfR, FDA, Nordic Swan, thus ensuring the user: high productivity, quality, safety and environmental acceptance in paper processes.


PETROFER PAPER offers a wide range of softeners, debonders and lotions to improve softness, bulk and handfeel of tissue products. Our high efficiency enzyme products contribute to cost saving initiatives with an enhancement of tensile strength and savings in refiner energy. Also our aqueous biocide solutions for microbiological control in paper machine process water and circuits, help to get biofilms and bacteria under regulatory levels.


As industrial cleaners are a core competence of PETROFER, we are able to supply a comprehensive range of cleaning products for fabrics, machine frames, chests and pipe work. We offer solvents, conditioners and passivation chemicals and even sticky and pitch control products. PETROFER PAPER formulates individual products and also tailor made system solutions. Our wide range of defoamers and deaerators, along with many multi-functional products fulfil a multitude of tasks in paper mill process systems.


As one of the world market leaders in Yankee Coating chemistries, we use our enormous know-how to develop the best possible solutions for base coatings/adhesives, release oils, conditioners and plasticisers; as the Yankee dryer surface protection and uniform crepe control are of paramount importance to every tissue mill. A major part of this protection concept is our Yankee Edge Spray chemistry, where we use our expertise in treatment of metal surfaces to prevent fiber adhesion at the Yankee edge, thus reducing vibration and sheet breaks.


With our wide range of adhesives and glues, embossing roll cleaners, softeners, and lotions and also cutting fluids for slitters and log saw blades, PETROFER PAPER provides a full portfolio for all paper converting processes. Our product line is suitable for tissue, board, printing, moulded, non-wovens and writing papers.


As a firm believer of a customer orientated attitude and customised solutions, PETROFER PAPER also offers many specialities according to the daily needs in paper mills, such as pick-up glues for the reel, repulping aids for wet-strength broke, de-scalers and anti-corrosion additives for VCI papers.


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