Metal Forming Lubricants

The range of products for metal forming operations includes neat oils, emulsions, dispersions, synthetic products and pastes. Our products are individually developed to meet any requirements for metal forming processes, thus guaranteeing the user the highest productivity and quality in these operations. The PETROFER product line not only offers stamping oils which evaporate free of residues, but also metal forming lubricants for wire drawing, cold forming, punching, fine blanking, deep drawing as well as sheet metal rolling.


The wire drawing product lines DRAWLUB, ISOLUBE and ISOFORM, incorporate emulsions, water dilutable as well as semi-synthetic and conventional neat lubricants for versatile wire and cable manufacture, for example electrical wires, electrical profiles, alloy wires, welding wires, steel rope wire, stainless wire, stainless profiles as well as spring and brush-steel wire.


PETROFER’s cold forming product line known as ISOFORM includes semi-synthetic and conventional neat lubricants as well as Sol-Gel lubricants for flexible manufacturing lines, for example fasteners, steering systems as well as driveline technology etc.


The DRAWLUB range of formulations for fine blanking and deep drawing contains mineral oil free as well as high performance neat lubricants for modern manufacturing lines, for example car driveline technology, chassis components as well as pressure vessels, tubes and flanges. Our ISOLUBE technology for blanking and stamping is a wide range of self-evaporating and thermally vaporising blanking, stamping and deep drawing fluids, optimised for manufacturing lines of heat exchangers, radiators, as well as for automotive thermal management technology. Economical, low viscosity, metal forming neat lubricants for many application techniques, being easy to clean and suitable for micro-lubrication, completes the range.


PETROFER’s ISO-MILL rolling products include customised rolling oils, suitable for a wide range of metals and processes, for example; wire rod and tube production as well as cold profile roll forming. A tank side additive range known as ISOLUBE and ISOADD are available to adjust lubricating properties onsite, where required for demanding processes and niche applications.


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