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PETROFER is a recognised industrial chemistry specialist that is constantly setting new technology standards.

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PETROFER develops, manufactures and markets innovative process chemicals for the wide spectrum of industrial applications. The internationally operating family owned company is headquartered in Hildesheim, Germany. PETROFER is a leading technical formulator offering a comprehensive range of over 600 advanced chemical products, application expertise, along with local support and service to the end user. As a worldwide company PETROFER runs 10 international manufacturing facilities, with representation in over 70 countries, employs over 1210 people and is one of the leading companies in the fields of industrial technical speciality chemistry. Whatever you are making, wherever it is produced, PETROFER has the process chemistry and know-how to optimise your operation.

Internationally recognised industrial chemistry specialist

PETROFER is an internationally operating industrial company with headquarters in Hildesheim, Germany. PETROFER has made a name for itself worldwide as a leading manufacturer of industrial chemicals, speciality fluids and process media. PETROFER operates 10 of it’s own production sites, eight further sites produce under Joint Venture licence. The product range comprises over 600 formulated quality chemical products, which are continously developed further through in-house research and development and marketed in over 70 countries.

PETROFER products have achieved top positions in many markets. PETROFER’s customer base is wide and includes renowned companies from the automotive industry and its suppliers, heat treatment industry, the paper/tissue industry and such diverse sectors as watch internals, through to wire used in satellites.

Expert knowledge – resource saving premium products

PETROFER is a recognised industrial chemistry specialist that is constantly setting new technology standards. The basis for this: decades of intensive research, in-depth expert knowledge and know-how. The results are high-tech, resource saving products with premium quality that optimise customer processes, save costs and protect the environment.

The R&D specialists work continuously on the further development of the products. Their aim: the optimisation of quality standards, production efficiency, performance properties and process reliability. A special aspect is the global responsibility for the environment, ecology and health. The R&D experts are doing everything in their power to further improve the environmental balance and the eco-compatibility of the products.

PETROFER listen to the client first, developing customer specific, precisely engineered product solutions on request. At the same time, the name PETROFER, stands for rapid delivery and supply reliability. Our customer have consistant access to our technical team and if needed PETROFER field service or technical support can be on site within 24 hours.

Improving production performance through meaningful innovation and services. Delivering German excellence wherever you are. For generations.

Constantin M. Fischer, CEO