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Wind, solar, hydro, steam and nuclear are some of the energy processes we help in making parts for.

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Wind, solar, hydro, steam and nuclear are some of the energy processes we help in making parts for.

Energy comes in many forms and powers the world, providing, heat, light and mobility. Through various energy generation techniques, be it solar, wind, steam turbines, hydro and nuclear to mention just a few, the component integrity, reliability and quality is critical. PETROFER has supplied many clients making parts for Energy Generation Equipment for decades, and can provide high performance fluid products to forge, press, machine, cast and heat treat to the tightest specifications, the complex parts needed. As new energy generation techniques become large scale projects, and new developments in materials are brought to the market, PETROFER develops new process fluids to complement the industry needs. These developments make energy generation safer, more sustainable and reliable while recognising the safety requirements to the general public.


  • We can provide high technology fluids for many of the specialised processes in the industry sector, enabling improved component reliability and reducing the environmental impact of the process.
  • The energy generation industry is complex and needs high levels of technical support, consistent process standards and is often working with large expensive components that are difficult to handle and cannot be rectified if anything goes wrong. PETROFER understand these needs and can work effectively and confidently under this pressure.
  • An understanding of the effect fluids have on materials and subsequent processes is critical. We develop all our own fluid technologies and can utilise our extensive knowledge, laboratory facilities and on site skills to research and supply the best possible solution to optimise the production process with a synergy to other manufacturing steps.


The challenges this industry demands from us: consistent quality and robust technology that meets critical component manufacturing standards.

Our customers in Energy Generation Equipment require above all: 

  • Robust consistent production processes 
  • Guaranteed fluid performance and quality 
  • Understand the complexity and technical demands of the process 
  • Fluids that complement previous and next operation stages 
  • Good technical support, service and fluid monitoring in use 
  • Long tool life and reduced machine downtime 
  • High surface quality 
  • Providing environmentally acceptable and sustainable products  

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in providing environmentally acceptable energy generation by optimising the component production processes and their final life cycle in use.


A producer of wind turbine gears required help in optimising the heat treatment of the components and increase the service life, efficiency, and reliability of the final turbine.
PETROFER with their extensive knowledge of Heat Treatment and range of polymer quenchants developed over many years, offered a product from their Aquacool range to quench following heating. Consistent metallurgical properties were achieved, with a more robust process.