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For more than 70 years we have been researching and producing metalworking fluids (MWF) and cutting fluids; to improve tool life, cutting efficiency, surface finish, rust prevention and fluid life. Our developments have created a safer working environment for users; reducing bacterial attack, skin sensitivity, mist, smoke and fumes. Our coolants are classified into water dilutable metal cutting fluids and neat cutting oils, and there are high technology cutting fluids for every machining application and material.

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Our expertise is knowledge and experience with different manufacturing methods and processes as well as their influence on the metal cutting fluids. PETROFER over many decades has developed strong relationships with many global machine builders, filtration suppliers, tooling providers and other OEM partners such that optimised production processes and fluids are developed. This experience enables us to produce specific cutting fluids that are able to increase machining performance and help to reduce process times. The innovative fluids increase the resistance to external influences, and save costs for maintenance and disposal. Intensive work with our customers and an exchange of information are our key to success. 


Emulsifiable metal cutting fluids

Long term stable coolants, emulsifiable, multi-purpose metal cutting fluids with excellent anti-corrosion properties on long exposure to the fluid and high lubrication performance. Depending on product selection; EMULCUT or ISOPAL as example,are oil in water coolants that are suitable for general cutting, machining, grinding and heavy duty operations. Specifically tailored emulsions for aluminium, stainless steel or highly alloyed metals are available, while high ester content metal cutting fluids achieve outstanding surface qualities and cutting performance with reduced environmental impact and mist generation.

Water dilutable metal cutting fluids

These include coolants which are; long term stable, mineral oil free, water soluble multi-purpose metal cutting fluids for general machining operations, on ferrous and partially non-ferrous metals. Many products like the ISOCOOL or ISOGRIND in this range are synthetic fluids, having excellent wetting, rinsing and corrosion protection properties.  These are suitable for most grinding processes, and in many cases versatile for all machining operations. In this area, we also provide high technology fluid products for many manufacturing techniques and high end speciality materials and alloys.

Non-dilutable metal cutting fluids

Non-dilutable metal cutting fluids, used as supplied, such as SUPERFIN and ISOCUT are available in a variety of different physical properties to be used as: Honing and grinding oils achieving excellent wetting and rinsing properties, as well as outstanding cooling performance and safety. Honing and grinding tools stay clean and retain their cutting efficiency, resulting in excellent surface quality of the workpieces. Multifunctional oils and neat cutting oils are a range of products with a high or extremely high additive level, resulting in excellent cutting performance in turning, milling, drilling and other metal cutting operations. These oils also guarantee low mist generation and operator safety. Deep hole drilling oils and broaching oils are for highest performance in deep hole drilling, gun drilling, boring and broaching. All these lubricants are also available for steel and non-ferrous metals.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Mineral oil free, non-water dilutable metal cutting fluids and lubricants are also within the ISOCUT range. They are especially developed for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) at highest performance requirements. Suitable for all commonly used lubricant spraying equipment. MQL metal cutting fluids are based on fatty acids, ester and offer a wide range of possibilities, when it comes to work-related requirements like, lubricity and machine tool life. They are also more environmentally acceptable being from sustainable resources avoiding mineral oil and considerably reduce mist, fumes and maintain a very clean work piece and environment.

Lapping fluids

ISOLAP as an example has proven performance in hypoid bevel gear lapping. Stable slurries are achieved due to a specifically selected base fluid, and no sedimentation of the lapping grit occurs due to the thixotropic properties of the formulation. Because of the emulsifiers incorporated in the chemistry, our products can be washed off easily with water.


SUPERFIN 100 is used for honing and superfinshing operations on engine cylinder liners. This is very important because, a technical and geometrically honed surface enables the engine oil to produce a stable lubrication layer when the engine is in operation., without bypassing the piston rings. ISOCUT VG 15 G is used for heavy duty multipurpose applications as well as tooth flank grinding. Good surface quality on gear teeth reduce wear and noise during operation and saves on lubricating oil. EMULCUT 116 is a multifunctional fluid, used for gearbox machining processes. This semi-synthetic water-miscible coolant guarantees best the performance and is tested to reduce skin irritations.Our ISOGRIND A 1000 is used for grinding of carbide tools and parts. This water-based metal cutting fluid prevents cobalt and chromium leaching, and reduces the risk of health effects for employees in the machine shop. 


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  • outstanding increase of tool life, lowering production costs significantly
  • fewer refill intervals, lowering costs for clean out of machine sumps and disposal of fluid
  • proven high performance, lower drag out, reduced product consumption and debris build up on tooling


  • cutting fluids with excellent cooling effect, which reduces the thermal load on the tool and workpiece, resulting in long tool life and high surface qualities at the same time
  • excellent surface qualities leading to reduced costs for subsequent processes, and suitable for different water hardness ranges
  • many approvals from OEMs and machine manufacturers for cutting fluids


  • avoidance of requirement for biocides and additives like defoamers
  • use sustainable raw materials for coolant, for example ester oils 
  • because of permanent skin contact, many metal cutting fluids are tested to reduce skin sensitivity