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Food donations for the community: PETROFER continues its commitment to the Hildesheim food bank

In a time that continues to be characterised by challenges and uncertainty, supporting the community remains crucial. Having already made an important contribution in December 2022, PETROFER is continuing its commitment to the Hildesheim food bank to support people in difficult circumstances.

The current global challenges have affected the living conditions of many people. More and more people are facing financial hardship, which means that the demand for support from organisations such as the Hildesheim food bank is constantly increasing.

The food bank in Hildesheim plays a crucial role by collecting and distributing food for people on low incomes. An impressive 130 tonnes of food are distributed every month, providing an average of 450 people in need every day. The food comes exclusively from direct donations in kind; no additional food is purchased. In addition to the direct distribution of food to people in need, the Hildesheim food bank also supplies food to the “Herberge zur Heimat” (homeless shelter), the drug help centre and, in some cases, kindergartens in socially deprived peripheral areas.

PETROFER is determined to do its bit. In December, PETROFER's dedicated employees collected food donations to contribute to this important initiative. Solidarity and support for those who need help at this time are at the centre of the company's and its staff's efforts.

The ten employees of the food bank, some of whom come from a subsidised job centre or otherwise have a difficult background, are supported by around 20 volunteers. Since 1 January 2024, the Tafel has also had three permanent employees, who have been taken out of long-term unemployment as a result. These salaries are financed by donations.

On 10 January 2024, Gesa-Marie Fischer and Miriam Schmikale from PETROFER presented the collected food donations and a monetary donation from the management to a representative of the Hildesheim food bank on behalf of the entire team. The money donated by PETROFER will help to replace a defective cold store for the refrigeration of food. This gesture emphasises PETROFER's ongoing commitment to the community and demonstrates its desire to stick together in difficult times and help those who need it most.