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Electrical and industrial wires and cables are everywhere and our fluids help in their manufacture

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Electrical and industrial wires and cables are everywhere and our fluids help in their manufacture

The fact is the world needs wire and cable to function: they carry the worlds electricity, connect our communications systems, link equipment components to talk to each other, and are in such varied applications as steel strings on musical instruments, medical devices, high strength load carrying steel wire in lifting cables or sub-sea power cables. We cannot survive as a society without wires and cables in everything we use, make or do.


  • We offer state of the art products for drawing, rolling and heat treating many wire, ropes and cable metals in the complex modern production methods
  • The wire and cable sector has complex demands with new generation materials, techniques, profiles, production speeds and integrated process lines, such that PETROFER is one of only a few suppliers with the full chemical and lubricant product portfolio required.
  • The market demands better surface qualities and metallurgical consistency such that the choice of drawing lubricant, heat treatment fluid and interstage cleaners need to complement each other, we have the full range to satisfy these demands.


The challenges this industry demands from us: high performance long life fluids to give faster production with superb surface finishes.

Our customers in Wire and Cable require above all: 

  • Improved surface finishes 
  • igh process efficiency 
  • Technically advanced fluids meeting sustainable production goals  
  • Absolute process stability 
  • Clean defect free surfaces 
  • Long die and tooling life 
  • Low maintenance and reduced downtime operating processes 
  • Synergy of fluids across the process line steps 

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in optimising cable and wire production speeds, reducing downtime and improving surface qualities while considering and easing the environmental impact.


A global wire maker experienced problems of fine wires sticking together when wound on the reels. The wire was a small diameter resulting in many breakages on rewinding or further drawing operations. This was clearly seen when a spool of wire was allowed to run free off the drum, called “casting”. By using lubricants from our Drawlub range and a cleaner from our Feroclean series the problems were eliminated resulting in reduced wire breakages.