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For industrial cleaning of component surfaces, PETROFER offers an extensive range of industrial cleaning chemicals. Developed using the latest findings from research and technology, whilst taking into account ecology, commercial demands and occupational safety. Our cleaning chemicals satisfy the requirements of all modern cleaning applications and processes. PETROFER cleaning products ensure long service life with low maintenance. PETROFER offers tailored cleaners, whether as individual products or as custom designed system solutions for professional manufacturing processes. and production lines.

formaldehyde and boron free, long-life and pH stable


As one of the leading specialists for cleaning chemicals in industrial applications, PETROFER supplies an extensive knowledge in the industrial component cleaning industry. We have invested in equipment and cleaning facilities to work with industrial customers worldwide. As an industry specialist, we deliver technology, operator safety, commercial advantages, and clean components by our product development to help customers in every application. 



Neutral cleaners are used in industrial cleaning both for inter-stage and final cleaning of metal surfaces, and some grades can be used on other materials such as plastics in certain circumstances. Used in dilution the pH of these chemicals is typically below 10.5. PETROFER’s neutral cleaners are excellent demulsifiers, formulated to enable easy separation of the oils removed during cleaning, ensuring a long tank life and constant cleaning quality. Furthermore, neutral cleaner provide benefits regarding the occupational safety of users, so these products are not only a commercially and technically attractive solution. They are available to meet various temperature and application demands, in all professional cleaning equipment and processes. These chemicals already supply rust prevention for short storage periods.


Alkaline cleaners are used in industrial cleaning when a high level of cleanliness is essential. For example: cleaning in preparation for galvanising or painting. They are also used when the removal of adherent soiling is necessary e.g. grease or polishing compounds. Highly alkaline cleaners are recommended for use in multiple zone washing facilities as they help prevent salt residues from drying onto work pieces.


PETROFER provides a range of cold cleaning products based on hydrocarbon solvents as alternatives to halogen-hydrocarbon based products. These fluids are odourless and contain no chlorine, fluorine or aromatic compounds. Hydrocarbon cleaners are only suitable for degreasing operations as they do not provide any rust prevention. The flammability, boiling point and flash point of these products should be taken into consideration when specifying them.


In addition to our standard product range, PETROFER delivers a number of special cleaners. These can be available either separately or as part of a customised cleaning system for an entire production process. FEROCLEAN N-SF, for instance, is designed to work with our quenching oils. Also, many of our alkaline and neutral cleaning chemicals are available in cold application variants. PETROFER additionally has a range of janitorial chemicals used for manually cleaning floors, machine frames and cabinets in industrial areas. PETROFER also has products suitable for pressure washers, ultrasonic baths and other special equipment.


FEROCLEAN A types are used to clean off heavy soiling like greases and pastes prior to machining, or to de-phosphate steel components prior to the next process. FEROCLEAN N types are typically free from inorganic salts with very good corrosion prevention and demulsifying properties. They are used to clean components between machining operations and reduce carry over of cutting fluids between processes. FEROCLEAN S types are based on fruit acid to descale washing machines and components of water salts and calcium residues. FEROCLEAN L types are typically used for degreasing in different types of specialist washing plants.


Customer Focused

High flexibility & rapid response

The latest technology

Application support & customer service

Long-term partnership


Reduction of total cost of ownership

  • flexible, multi-purpose products available: for spray, high pressure, immersion and ultrasonic applications and suitable across many metals, materials and equipment
  • higher system availability: trouble free, low foaming operation enables optimised production schedules. This reduces the addition of expensive defoamers and additives.
  • commercial benefits: reduced concentrate consumption and disposal costs due to long bath life

Higher process efficiency and reliability

  • highly efficient, highly concentrated, modern cleaning agents reduce maintenance downtime
  • good demulsifying behaviour, especially against hardening and cutting oils maintaining cleaning efficiency. In most cases ultra-filtration is possible
  • simple to use and maintain, with suitability across different water qualities

Improvement of the environmental balance

  • high recyclability and reusability potential from membrane or evaporator waste treatment plant
  • modern products reduce effluent volumes and disposal costs; washed off oil is easily removed
  • legal and environmental conformity: formaldehyde, boron, silicate and nitrite free water based cleaners available


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