From customer focus to improved environmental performance: we give you six strong arguments why you should work with PETROFER.

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With our highly professional team of over 1200 technical experts and sales technicians around the globe, we offer product and service solutions every day. We satisfy complex customer process requirements while always conscious of environmental demands

From raw material to final technical product

As an ISO certified chemical formulator, manufacturer and supplier, PETROFER serves a wide range of industrial sectors – from the automotive industry and supply chain, aerospace, casting, heat treatment, through metalworking process to the paper and tissue industry, wherever something is made we are present.

We support the entire production cycle: from the feed in of the raw material through casting, hardening, machining, forming, washing, corrosion preventing to the point where a finished component can be delivered to the end customer, PETROFER is involved throughout.

Why you should work with us

There are many oil and chemical companies, but which is the right one for you? From customer focus to improved environmental performance: we give you six strong arguments why you should work with PETROFER.

Passionate about our customers needs

We think and act: application, customer requirements and market demand. The focus is not only on the products, but on our customers, their needs and their future success. Our target is to meet and exceed the demands and expectations of our clients. PETROFER has positioned itself for the future and is in the best condition to serve the needs of different market segments.

The result: we empathise to customers now and in the future!

Increase your efficiency and profitability

Our products and services help customers to reduce overall costs and increase process performance. They extend tool life, increase production efficiency and thus minimising maintenance costs. In addition extending the life of process fluids reducing disposal costs, environmental impact, downtime, process cost.

The result: customer profits increase!

Improve your process reliability

The excellent performance of our products and services reduces the stress on the production process and people while producing superior quality components. This provides a stable, reliable, robust, safer production process.

The result: more efficient production and happy workforce!

Provide process expertise and solutions along the entire production chain

PETROFER is involved in all industrial processes. We have an extensive product portfolio and can supply most application requirements. As an internationally recognised chemical formulator and supplier, we can offer everything required for production to the finished product.

The result: a one-stop shop supplier of product and expertise!

Innovate and develop together

Over 20 % of our employees globally work in research and development. As a formulated chemical supplier, we continuously develop our products in our own laboratories. We deliberately concentrate on optimising economic efficiency, improving performance properties, saving energy and using sustainable raw materials.

The result: constantly developing technology to meet an ever changing world!

Have environmental and social responsibility

PETROFER is focussed on improving its ecological footprint, by using carefully selected raw materials. It has efficient manufacturing processes globally and is constantly searching for more sustainable environmentally friendly products and technologies. PETROFER also continually invests in its people and processes, and has ethical, social and moral responsibility to society.

The result: a family owned supplier you can trust!

Experience the difference in the persormance using PETROFER as a partner

Dr. Heinz-Peter Judenau


With 70 locations globally PETROFER has successfully positioned itself as a partner to our customers wherever they are.