Today in our family owned business, over 1.200 employees worldwide contribute
to making us one of the leading quality providers of industrial solutions.

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Are you looking for a new challenging career in an innovative company? Or have you successfully completed your studies and would like to start your professional life? Then take the next step and apply for a job with us.

We offer you many opportunities to be successful together with us.

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Combining tradition and vision, the company relies on its innovation, quality, expertise and employee dedication. The final product and our customer satisfaction represent the aspiration that PETROFER stands for.


As one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality lubricants, special fluids and process technologies, we are aware of our responsibility towards our fellow citizens, nature and the environment.

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In our diversity lies our strength
We promote and encourage equal opportunities and cultural diversity, with our company ethics and integrity built on respect, tolerance and appreciation. These values are the foundation for our corporate success – now and in the future. PETROFER embraces people of whatever culture, identity and background they come from, and helps develop their skills and standing in the company. In our diversity lies our strength to grow together.


Treating our employees equally, regardless of their gender, is a standard that is lived every day in our company.  Increased awareness of this issue is important to us. After all, each individual employee, as well as we as a company benefit from living equally, which is a key to personal development.


As a company, we are of course aware of the different requirements of the various generations employed at PETROFER. Each generation has been shaped by different influences. They all have different expectations, knowledge and approaches to work. Above all, PETROFER encourages open dialogue between the generations and, if necessary, supports and mentors each generation according to their needs.


PETROFER is a globally active company with direct customers in over 70 countries and numerous locations all over the world. This cultural diversity and the associated very different experiences of all employees around the globe make PETROFER stand out. We therefore always want to continue to promote and respect this internationality with all our strength.


People with disabilities are always welcome at PETROFER and are treated and promoted equally with inclusion and support. We as a company, in our role as an employer, deal intensively with this issue, because most of the disabilities only occur in the course of a lifetime. We therefore always strive to seek open dialogue and support our employees.


We think beyond borders

Today in our family owned business, over 1.200 employees worldwide contribute to making us one of the leading quality providers of industrial solutions. We are very proud of this and are working to constantly improve.

We live a work culture of trust, respect and appreciation. For us, cooperation based on trust is the key to success and is supported significantly by all employees.

We think as a global company beyond our boundaries and see ourselves as one big family. Entrepreneurial thinking, enthusiasm, open communication, mentoring and networked teams are the prerequisites for our global cooperation.

We work with passion and commitment, fostering an innovative work environment to motivate us to achieve outstanding success.

We lead as a global company, and in our workplace, with a low directive, strong supportive culture across all areas of the company. Within our organisation we promote a dynamic, focused and strategic leadership at all levels while having an empathy with all our colleagues.