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The range of lubrication for metal forming operations includes neat oils, oil-based emulsions, dispersions, synthetic products and pastes. Our products are individually developed to meet any requirements for metal forming processes, thus guaranteeing the user the highest productivity and quality in these operations.
The PETROFER product line not only offers stamping oils which evaporate free of residues, but also metal forming lubricants for wire drawing, cold forming, punching, fine blanking, deep drawing as well as sheet metal rolling. Wherever the lubrication requirement is a fluid to offer anti-wear, high lubricity, improved surface finish on many machine designs we have the product industry needs. 

Customised, economical,


PETROFER with its long history of innovation in metalworking lubrication, and understanding of the press work, stamping, extrusion and metal forming industry is constantly developing new production fluid formulations. We manufacture lubricants to meet the advanced manufacturing challenges of new metals, workpiece alloys, tooling designs, shape requirements, surface finish, component cleanliness and mechanical properties, while recognising environmental acceptance. 

PETROFER is at the forefront of lubricant technology for this industry from simple press-brakes to the most advanced metal forming machinery and will have the right lubricant to meet every demand.



The wire drawing product line DRAWLUB includes emulsions, water dilutable (soluble oils) as well as semi-synthetic and conventional neat lubricants for cost effective, versatile metal wire and cable manufacture on many machine designs. Typical industrial products are: electrical wires, electrical profiles, alloy wires, welding wires, steel rope wire, stainless wire, stainless profiles as well as spring and brush-steel wire. Our wire drawing lubricants and oils have extreme pressure additives and offer superb lubricity most without use of chlorinated additives, leaving an excellent finish to the surface. 


PETROFER’s cold forming product line known as ISOFORM 9 includes semi-synthetic and conventional neat  fluids as well as Sol-Gel lubricants for flexible manufacturing lines often using cold forging and cold heading machines. Typical areas of cold working are production forming of fasteners, steering systems as well as driveline technology where high strength metals with difficult mechanical properties and reduced plastic deformation are often found. Our cold forming lubricants are suitable for many machine types, sheet metals, strip and rod feeds and difficult workpiece shapes.


The ISOFORM-S range of formulations are for fine blanking and deep drawing, we offer fluids that are mineral oil free as well as high performance neat oils for modern manufacturing lines. Typical examples are: car driveline technology, chassis components, pressure vessels, tubes and flanges.

Our cost effective, chlorine based alternatives are in the ISOFORM TD product line.

Our ISOLUBE technology is for blanking, perforating, crimping and stamping offering a wide range of self-evaporating and thermally vaporising fluids, optimised for manufacturing lines producing heat exchangers and radiators, as well as for air conditioning units. Our range of sheet metal forming fluids provides cost effective, low viscosity, metal forming neat lubricants for many application techniques, that require both, easy-to-clean lubrication and lubricants that are suitable for micro-lubrication.



PETROFER’s ISO-MILL rolling lubricants include customised rolling oils, suitable for a wide range of metals and processes, for example; wire rod and tube production as well as roll forming of cold profiles and seam welded pipes.

A tank side additive range known as ISOADD is available to adjust lubricating properties onsite and reduce friction further, where extreme pressure additives are required, for demanding metal forming processes, thicker cross-sections and niche applications.


Drawlub C series is used worldwide as wire drawing products especially for copper and copper alloys. Isolube V7 series are special low viscosity products for blanking, stamping and deep drawing of typical components such as radiator matrix, air conditioning cores, electric motor laminations and furniture fittings. They could be used for light duty and medium duty punching and metal forming operations such as hinges, locks, mobile phone components.


Customer Focused

High flexibility & rapid response

The latest technology

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Reduction of total cost of ownership

  • high economic efficiency: versatile fluids suitable across many metals, alloys and and metal forming processes
  • increased tank life of water dilutable products thanks to use of modern formulations and raw materials
  • potential elimination of subsequent component cleaning and separate rinsing step due to the excellent washing and rinsing performance

Higher process efficiency and reliability

  • high quality products with process optimised, tribological anti-wear properties: oil is only used where required, providing energy and material savings
  • formulation uses technically advanced raw materials providing exceptional tool life and lubricity while reducing corrosion
  • increased workplace and plant safety

Improvement of the environmental balance

  • sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative products that exceed legal requirements
  • VOC free products according to the 31st BImSchV
  • lower environmental impact through extended service life of the lubricating fluids


Sustainability since 1948

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