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Steel mills, con cast plants and iron and steel foundries are some of the sector we supply fluids to. 

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Steel mills, con cast plants and iron and steel foundries are some of the sector we supply fluids to. 

The Primary Metals and Heavy Industry sector is critical to society as it is the feeder of the materials to be processed into items we use in daily life, from electronics, to cables, vehicles, castings through to bridges and building steelwork. The sector converts ores and minerals into steels and alloys as well as taking metal scrap for processing into new material for a new life in our world. This large scale, high energy use sector has large demands on fluids and chemistry to function efficiently and continuously, as down time is costly and to be avoided.
Operating big furnaces, tilting ladles of molten metal and continuously casting steel bar then rolling to shape, have big technical demands on the lubricants and chemical suppliers to match the scale of their operations with on-time deliveries.


  • We can offer lubricants and formulated chemical products to meet many requirements of the sector. From Fire Resistant Hydraulics, to release agents for continuous casting processes, along with rolling oils, straight lubricants and sawing lubes we fulfil the sectors demands.
  • The primary Metals and Heavy Industry sector requires suppliers to have volume on demand with consistent quality and performance of the chemistry. We have years of experience in the sector and can meet their demands to keep these operations running smoothly.
  • In this sector it is critical that the supplier is competent and confident to meet the continuous process requirements, and the scale of operations. We are able to partner the customer in these operations and offer our skill, support and technology to optimise the process and improve the working environment.


The challenges this industry demands from us: an understanding of the scale of the operation and production while avoiding unnecessary stoppages.

Our customers in Primary Metals and Heavy Industries require above all: 

  • Improved final product quality 
  • Efficient production and optimising energy usage 
  • High productivity and meeting their sustainability goals  
  • Absolute process stability 
  • Guaranteed product availability and on time delivery 
  • Long die and equipment life 
  • Reduced maintenance downtime 
  • Strong reliable products 

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in reducing equipment wear and maintenance, optimising production output and moving towards sustainability while reducing energy demands with better lubricants.


A leading steel producer experienced hydraulic failure on furnace tilt mechanisms causing unscheduled downtime. The fluid in use suffered foaming, poor wear prevention and reduced viscosity causing pump cavitation. PETROFER advised using a Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid from the Ultra-Safe range, along with regular analysis of the fluid condition. The equipment reliability was dramatically improved along with ensuring a safer working environment.