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Ships, planes, helicopters and satellites both military and commercial are amongst products we help make.

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Ships, planes, helicopters and satellites both military and commercial are amongst products we help make.

The Aerospace and Defence sectors are strongly integrated, and both transport the public for work and pleasure while protecting them from adversaries. PETROFER has years of experience in many areas of production and on-going maintenance in the sector. We offer products for diverse areas such as aircraft components, machining and hardening, production of ships engines parts, marine hydraulics, military equipment heat treatment, machining and rust prevention, to mention but a few. Due to the complex requirements and safety standards required particularly in the aerospace and military sectors, PETROFER has invested in approvals and product testing to validate their fluids in many applications. From our extensive research and development, we are able to offer leading technology and constantly meet the demands of new materials and production requirements. 


  • We are one of only a few producers that can offer an extensive portfolio of lubricants and chemicals for the manufacturing processes in the sector from casting or forging through machining, cleaning, forming, heat treatment and rust prevention, along with many other special techniques. 
  • The Aerospace and Defence sector needs a supplier that understands the complex materials and production techniques involved, along with working through difficult approval and process change needs. We can offer both products and technical support to optimise these critical processes and so increase productivity and quality. 
  • Through all the production steps it is important that products work in a synergistic way and as PETROFER do their own development and production of the fluids they can understand and select technology to enhance the process while making the working environment safer and environmentally more acceptable. 


The challenges this industry demands from us: high technology, approved, technically advanced and globally available products.

Our customers in Aerospace and Defence require above all: 

  • Improved and consistent component production quality
  • Efficiency of production
  • Products that are available to the same standard globally 
  • Absolute process stability 
  • No adverse chemical effect on material surfaces 
  • Long tool life 
  • High surface quality 
  • Products meeting specific industry standards 

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in improving the production process and component quality to ensure consistent final product standards for safety and reliability.


A leading aircraft component maker was experiencing issues of foaming cutting fluid, poor sump life and staining of aircraft quality aluminium parts in machining. Following investigation of the water quality, machining process and alloy specification, a product from the Emulcut range with specific industry approvals was chosen. This solved all the issues and enabled the client to increase machine speeds, reduce cycle times and increase sump life.