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Our rust preventives are highly effective for corrosion prevention in all industrial processes. They are particularly effective for the protection of finish machined rust free surfaces, high value component surfaces made from steel and other metals. The product range comprises oils, water dilutable products, dewatering liquids, wax containing fluids and special formulations with even a rust remover to use before preventing the subsequent corrosion. Many of our products for corrosion prevention are barium or VOC free and so are an environmentally preferable solution. 

modern formulations and reliable corrosion prevention


PETROFER has extensive knowledge developed over many years of prevention of corrosion and has invested in high technology, research and testing facilities to provide industry with high specification corrosion prevention chemistry. We provide solutions to meet most applications in industry whatever coating, protection demand, metal, surface, application method and equipment is in use within all metal working industries.



Rust preventative oils are used on dry work pieces during and after production to protect these from corrosion during intermediate storage. Rapidly applied they leave a non-drying protective coating based on mineral oil. This kind of rust protection products are typically barium and VOC free, as well as easily removed with our FEROCLEAN product series. Oil based rust prevention may be applied with various methods ranging from dip coating to spraying with a low pressure spray applicator.


Solvent based rust preventatives form thin rust protection films, with the coating consistency depending on the inhibitor type. Due to the evaporating solvent carrier, the remaining film on the components surface normally appears much drier than with corrosion preventative oils. The evaporation speed, and therefore the drying time correlates with flash point of the chemicals used. This kind of protective might be applied by all common methods and offer a reliable protection from corrosion. For spray applications the local legal and safety requirements have to be considered as solvent products may form flammable environments. If needed the remaining film can be removed with our FEROCLEAN cleaner series.


Dewatering fluids offer a reliable rust prevention that is built on the metal surface following the evaporation of the carrier. Protection films are available in both an oily and a slightly waxy type. The different solvent carrier flash points offer the possibility to select the dewatering fluid to suit the working environment. Due to their special chemical composition dewatering fluids can be successfully used on emulsion or polymer wetted components and workpieces to protect the metal surface from corrosion. Normally these products are used by immersion in a specially designed dewatering tank, but can also be used by low pressure spray application.


PETROFER’s water dilutable rust preventive concentrates when compared to mineral oil, and solvent based corrosion prevention products, provide a high level of operational safety, due to their water content. This function is especially desirable when applying rust preventives in areas such as foundries where fire risk should be minimised. They also provide excellent internal storage corrosion prevention. The corrosion protection can be adapted to storage conditions and requirements with the concentration used. The typical use is to prevent rust on metal surfaces or on metal parts during short storage times.


Water soluble corrosion preventive additives are added to cleaning baths or coolant emulsions to increase corrosion resistance, typically in periods of high air humidity. Some products may be used in stand alone processes, for example in closed cooling water systems as a corrosion inhibitor to provide corrosion prevention to pipes and equipment.


ISOTECT WSD and OSD types are used where dewatering is required prior to packaging and shipping in bags. Using this kind of coating does not need surface preparation such as drying and can be applied directly on the wet metal surface. Water based ISOTECT OW types were used for different operations like quenching of aluminium after casting or intermediate short term protection from rust where machined parts are stored prior to the next process under indoor storage conditions. ISOTECT OM types were used for dry parts when a mineral oil based corrosion prevention is needed for protection of finely machined components, sometimes the protective film is used to lubricate in the following assembly process. Water based additives are used during periods of high humidity to prevent flash rust on freshly cleaned or machined steel surfaces.


Customer Focused

High flexibility & rapid response

The latest technology

Application support & customer service

Long-term partnership


Reduction of total cost of ownership

  • versatile, simple to apply range for all applications requiring good corrosion prevention on bare metal surfaces
  • extensive portfolio: products for steel, other metals, alloys as well as application methods are available
  • simple removal of the corrosion prevention coating with FEROCLEAN industrial cleaners

Higher process efficiency and reliability

  • superior corrosion prevention properties across all the preventative ranges; Continuously tested according to DIN EN ISO 6270-2 and other tests
  • excellent creeping properties to cover complex geometries of components
  • easy application, for example in dipping, brushing and low pressure spray processes

Improvement of the environmental balance

  • products free of heavy metals
  • many VOC free products
  • no organic chlorine compounds used


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