Our Social Responsibility

We are strongly connected to society today and commited to improve tomorrow.

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Connected to today, committed to tomorrow

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality lubricants, specialised fluids and process technologies, we understand our responsibility towards our fellow citizens, nature and the environment. As a holder of ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 certifications, sustainability defines our strategies, our actions, and our commitment to the society in which we operate. We are strongly connected to society today and committed to improve tomorrow – and we know that we can only retain our position as a preferred partner for high quality products and services, for decades to come, by staying true to these values.

Our contribution to sustainable development

By doing business sustainably, we aim to achieve ecological, economic and social balance. In our day-to-day operations, this means that we: protect natural resources, prevent environmental damage, use ecologically friendly and energy-efficient processes and take quality and sustainability into account when we select our suppliers. Our creative and motivated colleagues are the basis for our corporate success.


PETROFER supports a number of national and international sustainability projects. We are committed to helping the societies in which we operate: to social justice and to protecting nature and the environment. Whether we’re contributing equipment, financial support, investment, or the direct, personal involvement of our committed employees, we work to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow – putting our sustainability promise into action! The PETROFER HOPE SCHOOLS in China and India are just one example. In 2017, we also got involved in projects to protect bees, and we plan to continue supporting projects to sustain bee populations.

The brands that will be big in the future will be those that tap into social changes that are taking place.

Sir Micheal Perry


Whether production site, licensee or joint venture – it is our subsidiaries that have made PETROFER what it is today: a naturally grown, strongly customer focussed, ethical with family values, global player within our industry.


Combining tradition and vision, the company relies on its innovation, quality, expertise and employee dedication. The final product and our customer satisfaction represent the aspiration that PETROFER stands for.