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Our portfolio of chemistry for tissue and towel production is designed to maximise machine efficiency, ensuring excellent output quality.

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Our portfolio of chemistry for tissue and towel production is designed to maximise machine efficiency, ensuring excellent output quality. Tissue paper is part of our everyday lives. As a society, we couldn’t imagine a world without these products. Tissue paper is used as; toilet paper, kitchen roll, hand towels, serviettes and face wipes. Energy efficiency, usability, resource conservation, environmental impact, skin tolerance and quality are crucial when producing and processing these products. The main components of all tissue and towel products start life as plant or wood fibres, i.e. as sustainable resources. Many of the products can be recycled, making them future-proof, globally renewable and environmentally friendly.


  • We can offer lubricants, chemicals and technical formulations to be used in many tissue and towel paper production processes, from pulp, fibre and wet end chemistry through to yankee coatings and tissue and towel-making finishing with converting aids to make the final end use product.
  • The paper industry is a global sector, with small, independent manufacturers operating alongside large, international corporations. PETROFER has the technology, skills and worldwide network to support the industry in all paper type sectors, wherever the operation is based.
  • In every paper making process, whatever the final product type, it is crucial to ensure that the composition of the chemicals used is correct, be it enzymes, wire cleaners, biocides or adhesives. As a developer and maker of the process chemicals needed, PETROFER understands the complexity and compatibility required to optimise the production process, ensuring the highest quality product for the end user.


We rise to the challenges of this industry by offering the following solutions: Global support, technical expertise and a consistent supply of process chemicals – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our customers require:

  • Improvement in the final product quality
  • Efficient, low maintenance, stable production processes
  • Cost reduction thanks to absolute process stability
  • Optimised productivity while supporting their sustainable manufacturing goals
  • Chemicals that are approved to many standards for the end user’s safety
  • Help in reducing energy use and time in the production process
  • Global support and product supply
  • Understanding of the chemical compatibility needs of the complex processes

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally achieve improved final paper product quality with our range of lubricants, chemicals and additives while offering our superior technical support and understanding of the industry needs.


One leading global tissue and towel producer was experiencing high energy costs in the refining of their pulp. This energy demand was such that it resulted in the final product being commercially unattractive. Following extensive investigation and test work, the customer decided to use a product from the Petrozym range. This enzyme treatment reduced the amount of energy required to fibrillate the fibres prior to the refined stock entering the wet end of the machine. The energy reduction was sufficient to make the final product more commercially attractive, with further advantages including better stock drainage on the wire and improved absorbency for the end user.