Nuts, bolts, screws, rivets are just a few of the range of fasteners we help in making

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Nuts, bolts, screws, rivets are just a few of the range of fasteners we help in making

Fasteners hold all our world together, from nuts and bolts to screws, rivets and clips everything around us is held together with fasteners. Every sector uses fasteners of some sort, as examples: cars and planes are riveted together, as are ships, while screws are used in everything from electrical items to domestic furniture, engineering components and spectacles to space satellites and musical instruments. Wherever we look, or anything we use a fastener is involved. Production processes are demanding as they are very fast processes and need reliability to produce millions of components consistently and with no down time. Materials have become more challenging, with many new alloys having reduced ductility, as has the complexity of the fastener production process fluids to meet subsequent demands for compatibility with painting, heat treatment, anodising or a visually cosmetically appealing surface finish with no burrs or sharp edges.


  • We can offer lubricants to press, punch, form, draw, clip, head and other methods found within fastener production, while optimising the process and reducing tool wear.
  • The fastener industry needs products other than just used in forming the components, and we can provide cleaners, heat treatment fluids, rust preventives and machine lubricants to optimise and complement every process step from one supplier.
  • Through all these steps cleanliness is critical, and we can provide state of the art cleaners that ensure compatibility with the forming lubricants while ensuring parts are suitable for heat treatment or subsequent electro surface platings made in the huge volume production environments often encountered in this sector.


The challenges this industry demands from us: long life fluids, with minimum maintenance, ensuring consistent quality and exceptional tool life.

Our customers in Fasteners require above all: 

  • Improved fastener production speed and quality 
  • Efficient fluid technology that has low maintenance 
  • Compatibility of fluids across the process line 
  • Absolute process stability 
  • Easy component cleaning 
  • Long tool life 
  • High surface quality 
  • Understanding of the industry terminology and technical demands 

PETROFER can help manufacturers globally in improving production outputs and quality while reducing tool wear and maintenance. Additionally environmental impacts of the processes can be reduced.


A producer of rivets had problems of the cold heading oil contaminating the wash process then affecting the heat treatment process. The heading oil was a chlorinated product, which is known to be undesirable. The contaminated wash fluid had frequent changes with toxic fluid disposal costs. By using a product from the Isoform series, tool life improved, along with better environmental and operator acceptance while stopping the wash plant problems.