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PETROFER: The complete solution for all heat treatment processes

Pre-HT washing, hardening, final cleaning – the complete solution for all heat treatment processes

The focus is increasingly turning towards component cleanliness in thermochemical processes in hardening shops. Heat Treatment shop operations require a high level of expertise as well as coordinated media and methods: starting from the cleaning before heat treatment through to the choice of quenching oil or polymer, the final cleaning and appropriate plant equipment to optimally harden the material.However,to ensure correct metallurgical specifications are met the component must first be cleaned and any surface contamination that prevents diffusion must be removed. The requirements for the cleaning medium differ depending on the level and type of soiling and equipment available.

Modern heat treatment methods are placing ever greater demands on the quenching media. In particular depending on the material specification and heat treatment method the use of the correct hardening medium is critical for achieving the desired material properties during quenching. After cooling the hardening oil or in special cases the polymer quenching solution must be removed from the component in order to prevent carry over and problems in subsequent processes. In this case the cleaning power, demulsifying properties, rust prevention properties and the bath life are the most important requirements for the cleaner.

PETROFER hardening oils, quenching polymers and industrial cleaners are perfectly coordinated and provide a high level of process reliability.

PETROFER is one of the world’s leading providers of lubricants and speciality fluids with a comprehensive product portfolio for the entire range of heat treatment methods, and associated processes. As a ISO-certified process expert the company supplies customers around the world and has extensive experience in the field of cleaning and quenching.

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