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Cooperation Hüttenes-Albertus and PETROFER

Strategic partnership between Hüttenes-Albertus and PETROFER

PETROFER is a family owned and managed business from Hildesheim in Northern Germany. As a truly global company, PETROFER has 15 international manufacturing facilities, representatives in more than 70 countries, and is one of the leading suppliers of industrial lubricants, speciality fluids and industrial process chemistry solutions. PETROFER’s customer base includes renowned companies from the automotive and aerospace industry as well as metalworking factories, steel mills and foundries.

Hüttenes-Albertus, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemical products for the foundry industry, offers solutions for core and mould making, coatings for permanent moulds, and products for cleaning and refining metals. “Our customers not only appreciate our high-quality products, they also recognise our first-class service. Thanks to our new partnership with PETROFER, foundries know they can rely on two potent partners with a wealth of specialised knowledge and extensive technical expertise – for precision engineered custom solutions”, says Franz Friedrich Butz, Managing Director of Hüttenes-Albertus.

The two companies’ strategic partnership initially involves close cooperation in the fields of sales and consulting – starting with customers in Germany before subsequently expanding to serve customers worldwide. In order to exploit additional synergies, HA and PETROFER are also planning to intensify their collaboration in research, development and production.

“We are pooling our two companies’ vast expertise and experience to benefit foundries for years to come”, explains Constantin M. Fischer, Managing Director of PETROFER. “We will not only be offering an even broader range of products, cooperating on technological innovations and coordinating our services and technology, we will also be able to significantly expand the technical application support we provide on the ground in foundries”, adds Dr Heinz-Peter Judenau, Managing Director Sales, Marketing and R&D at PETROFER, “which will result in process efficiency gains for all of our customers”.

About Hüttenes-Albertus

HA is a leading international manufacturer of chemical products for the foundry industry, with head office in Düsseldorf, Germany. Almost 1,800 committed employees in more than 30 countries develop and produce foundry chemical solutions for all common core and mould-making processes for customers around the world. Parts cast using HA binder systems are the core components in a wide range of products, including car engines, wind turbines and industrial machinery. www.ha-group.com.


The growth of PETROFER Chemie H.R. Fischer GmbH + Co. KG coincides with the era of the German and global economic expansion. Founded in Hildesheim in 1948, the medium sized company developed into one of the leading suppliers of industrial lubricants, speciality fluids and industrial process chemistry solutions, mainly due to the company decision to globalise. Among the customers of the family owned and managed business, now in the second generation, are not only the automotive and aerospace industry and their suppliers, but also well known companies in the paper/tissue industry.

PETROFER is a leader in lubricants and special process chemicals.

Today, with over 1,000 employees worldwide, representation in over 70 countries, 15 international manufacturing facilities and 15 wholly owned subsidiaries, the manufacturer of high technology chemical products is one of the major global players in the industry. In-house research and development sets innovative benchmarks, performance and quality standards worldwide. With over 600 advanced chemical formulated products the portfolio includes highly specialised process chemicals for the most individual requirements of our customers; from lubricants, cutting fluids, industrial cleaners, rust preventatives and hydraulic fluids. PETROFER covers all production steps itself – from purchasing to research and development to production and logistics. In addition, the company also provides laboratory and on-site technical service for the formulated chemistry and hydraulic fluids it supplies.