PETROFER supplies a wide range of fluid technology, but also the equipment required for dosing and monitoring. The correct dosing of our products is the prerequisite for constant, efficient, optimised and safe processes for our customers. Especially for water dilutable fluids, there are not only technical, but also legal requirements for regular monitoring, for which we support our customers with advice and equipment. By using suitable additives from our product range, we constantly improve fluid performance, service life and cost efficiency of the process.



PETROFER supports the safe and efficient control of the production processes of our customers with an extensive range of mixing and dosing devices for various products. Special equipment can be offered following process and technical surveys.


Constant monitoring is the elementary basis of safe process control. For this purpose, PETROFER provides a wide range of test equipment for monitoring important parameters for example, product concentration, temperature, pH, conductivity, viscosity and water hardness.


In order to control and optimise manufacturing processes, once analysed the production fluids sometimes require adjustment and correction measures to be carried out. For this purpose, PETROFER offers a comprehensive range of additives which can be used to maximise the performance of the process and the service life of the in use fluids.


To support the safe and correct use of PETROFER chemicals, oils, speciality products and equipment, we offer extensive training to both operators and management within our customers. This training can be done on site or at one of our Technology Centres around the world.