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PETROFER Bee Project - New Milestones

As part of the PETROFER bee project, an important update was made in the honey room of the bee box at the beginning of May. The controlled inspection showed that the bees had expanded the honey room on their own, but in a disorderly manner. To enable better structuring of the combs, the "wild" combs were removed and new straight wax strips were installed. These serve as a starting point for the bees to build up new comb constructions in an orderly manner. With the current redesign of the honey room in the bee box, we took a further step to promote the bees' well-being and provide them with optimal conditions for their comb constructions.

The PETROFER Bee Project focuses on promoting beekeeping and protecting the bee population. With the project, we want to create awareness of the importance of bees as pollinators and their crucial role in the ecosystem.

Careful maintenance and control of the honey room is of great importance to continue the bee project successfully and to ensure that the colonies remain healthy and productive. PETROFER remains committed to raising awareness of bee conservation and the importance of their survival for biodiversity and food production.