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PETROFER UK stands out at CastCon 2023

PETROFER UK made a notable impression at the recently concluded CastCon 2023.

Held on the 4th and 5th of April, the event served as a platform for professionals and experts to gather and exchange knowledge about the cast metals industry.

At CastCon 2023, PETROFER UK showcased their products and services through a small stand, attracting a steady stream of visitors throughout the event. The company's presence allowed attendees to gain insights into PETROFER UK's cutting-edge solutions and discuss industry challenges with their knowledgeable team.

Adding to their contribution, Stuart Gregory, the Management Director of PETROFER UK, chaired two technical seminars, leveraging his industry expertise as the former Chairperson of the CMF and President of the Die Casting Society, which went very well, as did all the other technical paper presentations with their respective session chairperson.The technical seminars provided an opportunity for participants to delve into various aspects of the cast metals industry. The sessions were informative, engaging, and offered valuable insights for attendees from practical foundry personnel, end users, supplier representatives, and leading industrialists.

CastCon 2023 itself was a resounding success, with a diverse range of presentations and discussions focusing on the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the cast metals industry. The event served as a networking hub, allowing participants to connect with potential collaborators and customers, fostering new partnerships and exploring avenues for growth.

PETROFER UK continues to be a trusted partner in the cast metals industry, offering a comprehensive range of products and services.