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Do you have problems with the dry strength properties and quality of your finished paper roll? Do you spend too much energy on refining to get the required qualities? Have you already optimised your process to the fullest and still not achieved your efficiency goals?

We are pleased to present you our new enzyme based formulations for improving your refining process:


PETROFER offers its line of refining enzymes to optimise the production of your tissue and towel paper products and improve the final paper quality while reducing energy consumption. It can be used for both virgin and recycled fibre along with many other pulp grades.

The PETROZYM STR affects:

  1. The increase in fibre fibrillation through the rupturing of the cell walls, resulting in a rapid absorption of water.
  2. A strong increase in fibrillation during refining.
  3. A pre-treatment with enzymes provides a greater number of -OH groups on the fibre surface within a reduced refining time. This shorter process time is reflected in a reduction in energy needs while favouring fiber dehydration, resulting in an increased strength and paper volume.

Your Benefits:

  • Helps to swell and clean the fibres to create a greater number of hydrogen bonding sites, resulting in increased sheet strength and volume, while reducing refining time. The result: improved sheet properties with reduced energy demand for the process.
  • Produces better drainage due to removal of colloidal material. The result: faster machine speeds and less breaks are possible.
  • Helps to improve paper volume values ith a positive effect on the sheet formation. The result: the finished sheet is more absorbent for the end user.
  • Fibrillates the fibre more efficiently in the refiner, avoiding increased time and energy use and subsequent damage to the fibres. The result: less fibre losses due to shortening of the structures, less trash in the sheet providing better drainage of the pulp with the potential to increase machine speeds. Also the potential to produce a lower grammage paper without compromising physical quality requirements.
  • Immediate quality improvements on tissue and towel grades, with reduced sheet breakages and less energy demand. The result: increased profitability and production output.
  • Can help with repulping and refining of high wet strength waste. The result: reduced pulping time and cost when using waste fibre, and so improving the environmental benefits.

Contact the PETROFER Paper Chemicals department (thomas.brandenburger@petrofer.com) and receive more information about the application of enzymes for refining and how to improve the quality of your tissue and towel products.